Lancaster University Management and Business students vying for a place on the prestigious UN Climate Conference trip

Here at Lancaster University we have just announced an exciting opportunity for 8 students to attend the World Business Council for Sustainable Development meeting in Paris, as part of the UN Climate Change Conference. The selected students not only will be able to take an active part in the process, they will hear first-hand the views of experts from industry, thereby witnessing ideas put into action. This is a life changing experience for these students that could not only shape their future ambitions but as a result the outcomes of the event will shape ours.

Excitement is running high as the students vie for a place, they have just one week to complete a 500 word response to the following question: “How significant might COP21 be in ameliorating Climate Change?”.   We are thrilled to have received so much enthusiasm for going.

The trip has been organised by Professor Gail Whiteman – Professor in residence for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Professor of Sustainability in Business, Mr Joe Borne (Student Union) and Maggie Wild (Development Manager), and myself at Lancaster.

In conjunction with the competition, we are in the process of developing ways to raise funds to make this happen. So please watch this space for further details on our progress to get our students to COP21.


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