Crowdfunding initiative goes live – ‘Lancaster students act on climate change’ – 7 still need your help!

We are really thrilled to announce our crowdfunding initiative –  calling for support to get our students to COP21.  In just 3 days we have raised enough sponsorship for 1 out of the 8 to go.  We are hopeful that with help through networks, friends and family we can get the financial support for the other 7.  Over the next 40 days we aim to raise funds to meet the project target of £5730 and we are delighted that the University has agreed to match fund every donation up to £1750.

Thanks to the work of Maggie Wild and Laura Slater our crowdfunding went live a few days ago, so we thought in this blog we should introduce the women behind the crowdfunding scene.

NWP_3667 (2)

Maggie works as part of our Alumni and Development Office and supports the Alumni network and career development of Lancaster University Management School alumni. Her work is incredibly important in maintaining the relationships between the alumni and friends of the University.  As part of our project – ‘Lancaster students act on climate change’, Maggie plays a pivotal role as she has been teaching us about ways in which funds can be generated, searching for potential donors, sharing our aims with the wider Lancaster University community and coming up with some fun rewards for sponsors to claim.  Prizes range from a postcard sent from Paris to dinner with the students and the team – we would love to have a lot of postcards to write and host a dinner or two to say thank to our supporters (see our crowdfunding page –

laura (2)

Laura Slater, is our second crowdfunding advisor, she like Maggie works for the Alumni Office but at a University level.  She patiently showed us how to get started, reviewed our page and ironed out our technical glitches.  Laura is on a mission to share our project details with as many University friends and Alumni as possible, it would be fabulous to see the sponsorship increase.

Remember, there are two ways you can help our campaign:

  1. Sponsor us and claim your reward ( ‘Check out Lancaster students act on Climate Change via @hubbubnet‘) and/or
  2. Help spread the word by sharing our crowdfunding link with your networks.

Our next blog will introduce you to our COP21 students – when the competition winners will be announced!


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