Hello, it’s LUMS at WBCSD!

Team LUMS – sponsored by Santander Universities Global Division

Dafni Papaioannou

I am a second year BBA Management student and I am particularly interested in topics of sustainability in business. I believe that principled business can bring powerful change and I am looking forward to see how this is put into action by the WBCSD member companies.

I think that this is an amazing opportunity to get insights from industry leaders and people who are in a position where they can produce positive change and make a difference in our world. I am looking forward to hearing the discussions on sustainability and how companies plan to deal with any arising challenges. What is more, I am very interested to see what actions the members of the WBCSD are planning to undertake and how they are going to manage any profitability issues that may arise for their companies, as a result of the implementation of these actions. Working to address the challenging issues of today is no longer just ‘the right thing to do’. It is demanded that business actively engages in environmental, social and governance practices and I am excited to witness how these companies are tackling these issues.

Therefore, I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend the WBCSD Liaison Delegate meeting in Montreux and being able to be part of this unique experience.


Isabella Trapani

I am a second year European Management Student and I am very excited to attend the WBCSD Liaison Delegate Meeting in Montreux. Having developed a strong interest in sustainability and the environment, I definitely see my future career in this area. The conference is an amazing opportunity for me to listen to and connect with leaders of the industry.

Since I have been studying the Vision 2050 and Action 2020 policy documents extensively as part of my studies, I am especially curious about the actions that will be taken by companies now in order to move away from business as usual.

Moreover, I am very interested in the discussion about including social and environmental factors in annual reports, which is essential for a more comprehensive and realistic value representation. Therefore, I am especially looking forward to attending Rodney Irwin’s talk about the CDSB Framework training (Communicating value in annual reports).


Twitter: @trapanisabella 

Thea Nygaard

I am a second year Organisation and Management (HRM) student with a keen interest in sustainability and the future of business. I believe that business and corporations can be a force of good and not merely profit. On another hand I recognise that they have a history and reputation of being exploitive profit-driven machines, which again makes me more critical to the above. I am interested in how much change is actually taking place, and if we as a global society are able to implement solutions that will create market opportunities to drive us towards a more sustainable future.

I feel honoured to represent my university and LUMS at WBCSD Montreux 2016 Liaison Delegate Meeting, and I am excited as I now in few days will start what I am sure will be a once in a life time experience.


Twitter: @theanygard

Rachele Lanza

I am a fourth year Marketing Management student who believes sustainability should be a pre-requisite of today’s business practice, and not just an element of it. To me, business has the power to be the quintessential force for good as societies only thrive when they are prosperous;  That’s why, over the years, I have developed a strong interest in the field of sustainable economic development.

I am very grateful and excited of being able to attend the WBCSD Montreux 2016 event. I believe this will be an invaluable opportunity to see with my own eyes the approach businesses are taking to make the essential transition to sustainable practices, not only with regards to the environment but also to social and economic sustainability; perhaps, this experience might help me reflect on and re-consider some of the scepticism I currently feel towards how and how much the business community is pushing the sustainability agenda.


Twitter: @RacheleLanza

Lee Brennan

Hello there! I am currently in my second year studying Business Economics, and cannot wait to arrive in Montreux ahead of the WBCSD Delegate Liaison meeting. Alongside my peers I am looking forward to attending the event, getting a glimpse of what the leaders of global business powerhouses have to say on the future of business, and the future growth of the sustainable development concept. Check this video out to hear some of my thoughts prior to travelling to Switzerland.

Derived from my previous year’s study of Entrepreneurship, I have a profound interest in sustainable business, and particularly new technologies which are bringing in the new era of a low carbon world. The progress seen in renewable energy technology development and increasing amounts of money being invested into new energy industries give me hope for a bright future: in Montreux, I will witness to what degree WBCSD is having an impact.

I have since my school days dreamed of having my own business, and so to hear the thoughts and opinions of men and women with such wealth of experience in the business world will undoubtedly be an eye opener for myself; I hope this opportunity will add to my ever-growing accumulation of business knowledge and hence will help continue my development as a future business leader.

I’m very excited to be representing Lancaster University in Switzerland and to become better informed of the efforts of big business to promote sustainable development.

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Yury Dmitryuk

I am a second year Business Economics student and throughout this conference I hope to get an insight on how does WBCSD promotes sustainability in practice. The influence of the Council has been noticed by numerous powerful organization in the past. For example, World Bank identified the WBCSD as one of the “most influential forums” for companies on corporate social responsibility issues. As sustainable development is a pressing issue in the modern world, both for businesses and for the society as a whole, it is not surprising to see that the main advocate for it enjoys so much influence. It would therefore be very interesting to learn about the policies and possible solutions that will be discussed in Montreux, as there is a great chance that they will have a great effect on the Economic future of the European Union and potentially the whole world.

I am very excited and honored to be a part of the team representing LUMS at WBCSD Montreux 2016 Liaison Delegate Meeting, and I am looking forward to share my experience and discuss the results in this blog.



Ferdinand Weiler

I am a penultimate year student pursuing two degrees concurrently at Lancaster University Management School, UK, and at ESB Business School, Germany. Having already been part of the team that attended the Paris Summit of the WBCSD, I am particular interested in seeing what progress has been made since then. Noticing a similar attendee field as in Paris I am curious what delegates where able to take away from the last meeting, in other words whether they were able to implement the case studies and best practices presented. I think going a second time will deepen my understanding of what core problems businesses need to tackle in order to set the path for a sustainable future, moreover, what problems I need to tackle later on in my career.


Twitter: @social1se


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