Reflecting our actions

The picturesque lake, mirroring the mountains around the beautiful Montreux offered an amazing venue for the annual WBCSD Workshop meeting. The setting of the conference venue just at the waterline, overlooking the busy promenade displayed the context of the meeting: How can we provide people with all needs and pleasures but assure that it still harmonises with the needs for our nature? Seeing the lake as a two faced mirror, at one side mirroring the busy promenade with all the people passing by and the seemingly untouched nature of the mountains, makes me wonder if the venue was not just chosen for its practicality but also to inspire the participants of the workshops to find better solutions. Taking the participants to a morning run around the lake was another clever move to display the need for sustainability and give them a motivation for what they were actually working for. Facing this stunning venue caused us, and I’m sure the participants of the conference as well, to rethink and feel more responsible for reaching the set sustainability goals and to bring this awareness out onto our fellow men and women.

written by Miriam Luft


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