Reflecting on the student experience from a skills perspective

Our LUMS student representatives supported the running of the WBCSD event over four days. During this time they developed and demonstrated a variety of skills that they can add to their CV and refer to in application forms and at interview. Some of the skills that I observed include:

Organisation and time management:

  • Assisted with the running of a large scale event with approx. 450 attendees from a variety of companies.
  • Students were allocated individual work rotas which they reviewed to check that there were no issues with timings. Students took the initiative and addressed any rota clashes with their event line manager.
  • Students planned their own working day and could choose to attend sessions around their timetabled duties. Students planned their time carefully to ensure they allowed sufficient time to be at their allocated duty slot.


  • Students supported each other with their workload and offered to cover each other’s sessions to enable each other to attend sessions of interest and 1:1 networking meetings.
  • Students shared ideas about their blogs and supported each other by discussing topics and offering to review each other’s work before it was published.


  • Greeted event delegates in a friendly manner and assisted them with any questions that they had.
  • Wrote reflective blogs based on the sessions that they attended and their wider thoughts on the role of business in sustainability
  • Sent professional emails to session delegates to follow up on sessions attended by providing feedback and asking insightful questions


  • Used the informal networking breaks to speak with industry professionals to gain information on career trajectories and role-specific knowledge
  • Used the event app to send internal messages to delegates and presenters; this sometimes resulted in the opportunity to meet with attendees in person

Knowledge development:

  • Gained an understanding of various aspects of events management; conference design, catering, scheduling, professional etiquette and the importance of technology (web apps and scanning equipment).
  • Developed stronger awareness of sustainability issues in business and gained insight into future initiatives being discussed and developed by WBCSD members.

The conference was a fantastic opportunity for the students and will be an interesting experience to refer to in job applications and interviews. I hope that this opportunity has inspired the students to contemplate their future career aims and also to consider the value they will place on working for a company that has clear sustainability policies and goals in the future.

Written by Jo Hobbs


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