All you need to know about Jack Hill

Hello everyone! My name is Jack, and I am really excited to be part of the media and communications team coming to Chennai for the members meeting of the WBCSD.

First of all, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 20 years old and am about to start my third year here at Lancaster studying Biological Sciences with Biomedicine. When I graduate, I plan on leaving behind bench-work science in pursuit of a career in journalism. You probably won’t have seen me presenting LA1TV’s breakfast show Good Morning Lancaster, because we don’t get that many views, but you might have seen me that time a lorry set on fire on the M6 outside of university!

When I’m not living in Lancaster I live on a sustainable farm that sources 100% of electricity demand from biogas, which is produced from the fermentation of biomass to produce methane. Following foot and mouth disease in 2001, the farm diversified from producing milk to producing renewable electricity from a 3000m3 anaerobic digestion plant, one of only 46 in the UK when it was built.


The 3,000m³ concrete digestion tank with its 1,430m³ ‘biodome’
Willcross Farm, Gisburn, Lancashire

After visiting India seven years ago, I am thrilled to be going back to a country with amazing people and an amazing culture. I applied to be part of the media and communications team at Chennai 2016 because of the opportunities it will open up professionally, as well as my interest in sustainability; a topic I really began to enjoy whilst studying Geography at A-level. Energy security, superpowers, bridging the development gap and pollution and human health were some of the modules I found most interesting. If my teacher Mr Stables knew I was going to Chennai for the WBCSD members meeting, I think I would become a case-study!

I look forward to bringing you coverage of Chennai 2016, with updates on the delivery of Action 2020, as well as interviews with attendees on all-things sustainability.


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