The Road to Chennai – Day 2

27th September 2016: Day 2 – Today we had an early start and things got a little more serious. A whole day of workshops with Rory Dale and Jo Hobbs, both working for the careers department at Lancaster University Management School, was ahead of us. Our first task was to organise ourselves in order of the distance we all had travelled to get to Lancaster; the standard deviation of the room was approximately 6,500 miles with individuals living in Lancaster and others flying from Malaysia! This lead nicely into our talks on sustainability.We got briefed on what was expected from us and how we show off a little between all of those scary senior people at Chennai. Not that we are scared – Naaa, just maybe a little. Jay had a quick experience of how it could go during a little roleplay with Jo Hobbs,  who played a CEO.  We all enjoyed sharing our motivations for applying to come to the members meeting of the WBCSD, why sustainability matters to us, and our thoughts on innovative sustainability projects in business and around the world. We also learned how notes are efficiently taken and how we can push our LinkedIn profiles. The most important question for everyone was: How do we put attention on ourselves? How do you approach the CEO of a multinational company? Networking is the keyword here. Because, hands down, the second most important part of the conference, right after discussing business solutions for sustainable development in a company, is networking. The experienced advice of Rory and Jo were very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you, you two!


Written by Michael Mander, Jack Hill and Frederike Kress


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