Introduction: Technology and Sustainability

Hi guys!

My name is Ed and I am a fourth-year BBA Management student having just returned from a placement year at Deloitte in London. I am originally from Halifax in Yorkshire so I didn’t move very far to come to University!

Edward Meadowcroft Picture

On my placement year, I was working in Technology Consulting with a particular focus on Cyber-Security, it is my interest in both technology and sustainability that has led me to be here. I have always been interested in the idea that we can solve many of society’s problems with technology. Among the modules I study are “Technology and Organisation: Society and Risk” as well as “Ethical Responsibility in Business”. Hopefully, you can see how we can draw the link between these different areas, technology can enable us to act more sustainably and be more ethically focused. Over recent years there have been many technological advances in the area of sustainability including but not limited to: towers that scrub away smog, filters that remove toxins from dirty water and electric vehicles that help reduce carbon emissions. Two of the major areas that the WBCSD are involved in that interest me are Energy and Cities & Mobility, I look forward to learning about the projects that are ongoing or planned.

I am hoping to expand my knowledge of sustainability through the WBCSD event, as I am aware that it is currently slightly lacking. Using my experience and new perspective I want to create a ripple effect by influencing others to act more sustainably!


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