Reflecting on my WBCSD experience…

Since experiencing everyday life with the knowledge gained from the WBCSD conference, I have begun to more fully understand the nature of environmental issues in our society, and the experience has opened my eyes up to the accumulative dangers in our everyday actions. Since understanding that my passion lies within sustainability, I have also begun to think more of how we can combat these issues, which fundamentally require our co-operation, and for us to openly discuss the importance of recurrent issues highlighted by the WBCSD. I look forward to discovering where my role will lie within tackling these critical issues.

I intend to start a sustainable lifestyle blog during my placement year, where I can share my growing knowledge and experience under a sustainable and vegan lifestyle. I would like to share my findings in the ‘sustainable eating’ sector, and increase knowledge on this vastly increasing and dangerous issue. If you are interested in understanding issues around this topic, then please read my previous blog ‘What is a sustainable diet?’ ( where I suggest that we can reduce GHG emissions, decrease agriculture land usage and combat over and under-eating by reducing meat and dairy consumption and minimising waste. I will develop my findings on how our individual habits make an incremental change, and how changing our perspective and actions are essential in experiencing prosperity.

Despite not being able to take part in Enactus during my placement year, I intend to bring my findings back to the society during my final year, where I hope to share knowledge gained from my ‘sourcing and supply chain’ role at GE, along with my developed understanding of sustainable sourcing – to help Enactus Lancaster to ethically and sustainably source and maintain their enterprises.

I am so grateful for being able to experience this life changing opportunity, and seeing first hand how highly Businesses are beginning to prioritise meeting not just their economic, but their social and environmental requirements. Witnessing this has inspired me to make a difference, and to influence and educate those around me. Furthermore, it has given me hope that these issues can be resolved.

Thank you for reading,



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