Intro: Let’s make it happen!

Hi everyone! What is sustainable? Can it actually be sustainable to spend only one week on another continent to join a conference about sustainable development? My first instinct denied that, but after considering and researching WBCSD, I can answer it with yes. For me sustainability has a positive and ongoing long-term effect, for example climate change. After having some contact with my team, I became aware of the passion, commitment, courage and sense of purpose we have all together; this experience will do more than influence our lives I hope. I feel honoured to be part of it and am happy to introduce myself.

After spending my two first years of study in Germany, I will now start my 3rd year of ‘International Business Management’ in England. I wish to shape the future of the sustainable economic development worldwide. Sustainability offers us a realistic model to make an actual change concerning hunger, hygiene and education. The WBCSD seems to be an exciting interface of companies and this topic.

I would describe myself as a nature lover who enjoys being outside, travelling to unknown countries, experiencing adventures with my friends and spending time with my family. I am fascinated by mathematics, especially of the number Pi. It has the fantastic characteristic of not having an end. The obvious existence of infinity makes me aware of the importance to drive change in sustainable issues forward. Because the world will continue existing (hopefully) infinitely, too. It is at least desirable to ensure that. It does not belong to us, especially not to the present generation. Sustainability represents the only possibility to obtain a world worth living in for following generations.

My ‘sustainability career’ has been running through my life. I try to respect the nature and not to burden it whenever it is not needed. As a child, I grew my own vegetables in the garden, in school I wrote concerned articles about climate change and my parents have set examples with their behaviour on saving plastics and energy in my everyday life.

My volunteer year then opened my eyes. Resources whose existence was natural for me became special and unique. In particular, clean water, fresh air, sunshine, food, education, joie de vivre and independence. I worked with profoundly and multiple disabled people. Some were unable to speak and move. Nevertheless, they still have a worth living live and shared it with me. I saw with their eyes, how beautiful our surrounding is, every flower, bee and tree. How unique life is. There is not only ecological sustainability, but also financial and social sustainability. I realized again, how important it is to obtain that and how many opportunities and thus, responsibility I have.

My motivation grew strongly again when I visited my first business conference. I got in touch with students from all over the world who were driven, passionate and motivated to change the world. We heard about immense upcoming changes and incredible future scenarios. And I realized that it will be our responsibility to actually make it happen.

So, let’s make it happen!
I am looking forward to Lancaster, to the WBCSD and to your feedback and support out there.

Best wishes,

Nina Marleen

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