Intro: Sustainability and Financialization

My name is Davide Baino, I am an Italian student and I am starting my  third year BBA European Management  at Lancaster University.

Thanks to an unstoppable growth of my personal interest I got the opportunity to represent, as an ambassador, my university at WBCSD Boot Camp in Mexico City, October 2017.

I have always been particularly interested in environmentally friendly projects and in their sleight to link my personal interests. In addition to that environmental sustainability problems of my country, such as a large amount of rubbish or air pollution above the limits, force me to be updated about their worldwide solution.

Thus, referring to eco sustainable changes in the world, I have always tried to forecast consequences in economic, social and cultural fields. At the present companies are shareholder-driven; they implement fast and easy financial projects  in order to bolster their price value to emphasize their external façade,  while they should be more customer-driven, so that they might be able to put client and social responsibility as the main matter to satisfy every day. The process describes above is called “financialization”, it is considered one of 2008 crisis causes and it is related with everyday sustainability issues.

Therefore my attendance to World Business Council for Sustainable Development will help me not only to internationalize my ideas, to get help to downsize 2008 shareholder capitalism  consequences but to understand, in a deeper way, how an organization, such WBCSD, can strive to address businesses to build sustainability into their core strategies and to move importance from shareholder to community.

I’m looking forward to read your feedback and comments here below.

Best Wishes,

Davide Baino


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