Let’s Talk Green

Hello everyone,


My name is Medeea Fercu and I am a second year international student, currently working towards achieving a BSc in Management and Human Resources at Lancaster University. I have always been passionate about sustainability and environmental issues and I have animated these interests by volunteering. Throughout the years, I have been involved in organising and carrying out several projects aimed at improving not only standards of living, but also doing it in an environmentally friendly way by using clean energy, improving rural income development and re-establishing values.

Being part of projects that have been meaningful to me has had a fundamental impact on who I am today. My background in volunteering encompasses a range of projects and activities, mostly directed towards nature preservation, youth, social work and cultural events.

Working with people at risk and providing as aid the help they need in order to create better living conditions, both economically inclined and ecologically friendly, that would last through time and survive climate changes, has provided me with the chance of working with professionals in this field and, at the same time, learning from them. Gaining experience, my passion grew and but my motivation stayed the same- to change something in this world for the better. In completion of this, I am currently volunteering for UNICEF and Lancaster University Guide Dogs Society. What is more, I am working part-time for a local charity that offers help to vulnerable adults who suffer from mental health issues.

I strongly believe that it is our duty, not only as students but also as tomorrow’s leaders, to familiarise ourselves with the new global reality and the unprecedented issues brought by it, while at the same time taking advantage of the newly found opportunities, in regard to popularising the sustainable market and once and for all combating the misconception that economic growth and sustainability cannot complement each other.

I am confident that attending the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Meeting will offer me the insight I need to further my knowledge in the line and provide the opportunity of networking with individuals and companies I look up to. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and excited to see what is to come!


Best Wishes,

Medeea Fercu








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