Intro: Collective action to secure the future


My name is Daniela Solis and am I a third-year business student having just returned from a year abroad in Montreal. I have a burning passion for travelling, discovering new cultures and meeting people from all around the world; I have lived in five different countries and I am planning on exploring many more.

Having grown up in Mexico, I have seen first hand the effects of non-sustainable actions, including environmental pollution, more precisely air pollution, which results in severe health problems and which causes breaches in the ozone layer, among other issues. Having travelled to many developing countries, I have also witnessed outraging inequalities, which raised my interest in being part of the fight for social justice.  Which is why I intend to work for a company that is climate-friendly and socially responsible, one that constantly undertakes numerous initiatives to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world, and then eventually start my own non-profit organisation.

Organisations need to be at the strategic stage where they integrate global issues into their core business strategy, as they realise that it gives them a competitive advantage and that there are gains through collective action. Take Nike for example: it has managed to turn its image around when it acknowledged that acting responsible was far more than just reaching compliance, and that establishing a CSR department is an aspect of the business that has to be managed like any other. These organisations have the power to actively develop and implement solutions to these issues, and more importantly the power to inspire others to take action. I believe they all have a role to play in contributing to a sustainable future where no individual needs nor the environment are compromised.

I also believe that the sooner we all realise that we are all in this together, the greater the change we will be able to make. A collective effort is required to solve the world’s problems as no individual can solve them alone. We all need to be part of this global movement, part of the change. And by doing nothing, we are not helping our cause, not protecting our planet and not securing our future.

I look forward to this amazing experience, to gain further knowledge about sustainability, and to hear the views of the leaders, who can provide education in sustainable value creation, at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Mexico, my beloved home country.

Best wishes,

Daniela Solis



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