Intro: Implementing Sustainable yet Profitable Solutions in the Value Chain.

It is apparent that consumers are becoming more aware of companies operating in a sustainable fashion as a consequence of the rapid change in the environment. Customers are more educated on the aftermath of the production the products they are purchasing, and what impact they have on the environment. It is therefore assumed that an organisation can only maintain a competitive advantage if it is considered as a corporate social responsible organisation.

My name is Tor-Elesh Albrigtsen and I am a third year at Lancaster University studying Business Studies with specialisation in management sciences and marketing. Growing up in Norway I have always had an interest in outdoor activities, where I spend most of my free time in the mountains or skiing. My interest in sustainability peaked when I personally experienced the rapid effects global warming has on the arctic environment that I have grown to love, and how drastic the consequences have been in the recent years. Following the acceptance to attend the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) 2017 in Mexico, I have decided upon pursuing a career within sustainability.

I believe that an organisation can rapidly become more sustainable by implementing environmentally friendly solutions in their value chains operations, distribution and choice of suppliers, yet still generate profits at a competitive level. As of today, I can identify issues within sustainability in a value chain. However, I am not yet able to propose profitable yet sustainable solutions to further improve an organizations value chain and help bring a competitive advantage. By attending the 2017 World Business Council for Sustainable Development I intend to better my understanding of sustainable solutions by gaining further insight on their project Action2020.

I am confident the WBSCD will successfully further educate me at their conference, and I would like to express my excitement and gratitude for this opportunity.


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