Intro: We need a change!

Hello Everyone!

For centuries people haven’t cared about ecological factors on the earth. Their main goals in life were money and power. To be honest, even now we can’t say that we observe a big difference. It has to be noted that there is a really big group of people who are trying to think more about the future and giving a possibility for future generations to live. From the other point of view, there are also many who deem that there is nothing to worry about, but that is not true. According to some scientists in 100 years earth will be not survivable for the human race and it only depends on us, the young generation how the future will look like. It is our call to fight for something more important than power, territory or money. We are beginning a war that will be the biggest in the history of earth and that can change everything.

My name is Michał Trela. I am a third year student of BSc Business Studies. I am really delightful to be one of the members of Lancaster University team that will travel to Mexico City to take part in World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The current situation that is taking place in my home country (Poland) is unfortunately not very positive. There are many issues with the changes made to constitution tribunal, courts, attorneys, foreign policy. The situation is not getting better when it comes to ecology, where Poland was fined because of the continuous cutting of trees in Białowieża Forest. We are for sure not heading to increase sustainable development and because of that I did my best to be on the WBCSD team. My aim is to learn and to share this knowledge with other people, because there is a strong need for change.  For me personally the most important country is Poland but in the long run the whole world needs to increase attention to sustainable development and ecological factors. We are on a verge of catastrophe and soon it will be too late to change the direction.

Unfortunately, for many people from my generation it is difficult to understand the need for change and increasing sustainable development. It is mostly caused by the fact that there is not enough information in the media and people are highly influenced by their environment for example no one is born racist. For me, a crucial moment in life was seeing other people living in poverty and especially children who are forced to work in extremely hard conditions to add some income to their family. At that point, I felt that if life has a goal it would be to make those people smile. Furthermore, a summer internship in Citi Bank Europe showed me how big corporations can be the best warriors in the fight for sustainable development and a better tomorrow. My journey is about to start and I will be more than happy to keep you informed and updated. I hope that even small steps can lead to a better world!

Michal Trela


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