Intro: Do We Have Time?

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The clock is ticking and time is running out. Our planet is deficient of its resources. It is shocking how we – the human race, the inhabitants of this planet, the people who are supposed to nurture it, are the reason for the eradication of the Earth’s natural resources. But what can we do as individuals?

I have been asking myself this question plethora of times. Being a Business Studies student at Lancaster university, I have also been wondering whether companies around the world realize the responsibility of being sustainable in their business. But what is sustainability really? It is not solely concentrated on the environmental aspect, as many people would expect. When sustainable development goals (SDGs) are discussed, they aim to cover areas such as poverty, inequality, as well as climate change.

Coming from Bulgaria, I have always had a strong relationship with nature. Additionally, my interest in Sustainability finds its roots in my encounter with individuals who are committed to fighting global injustices. My participation in the organizing team of the TEDx conference at Lancaster University last year ignited my curiosity towards what one can achieve individually to help our planet’s preservation. At the TEDx event I met inspirational people such as Claire Leung that found a non-profit organization named FUUDY, aiming to establish smart-sharing fridges to feed the hungry and Kian Akhavan who at the age of 16 found a charity that ensures equal access to education for both girls and boys. Both Claire and Kian were brave enough to fight for their ideas and with their work they fight for a better future.

My second year at Lancaster University has given me the opportunity to become part of the Lancaster team that will visit the meeting of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Mexico city in the middle of October. Having this immense privilege, I am curious to visit the council’s meeting and understand from first-hand what particular actions global economic players take to achieve some of the UN’s SDGs. Because the battle for a brighter future isn’t solely individual. Global corporations can have an immense impact on the current status-quo and I am eager to further my knowledge into how they will achieve this.

And to the question whether there is time left – let’s accept that we can play with the clock in a smart way by taking he right actions. The Lancaster team embarks on a new journey. Let’s see what it will bring. Let’s make our future brighter.


Nevena Stoyanova



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