The miracle of existence – lets continue existing!

What is 4.5 billion years old, weighs 5.972*10^24 kg, is made up of a (roughly) estimated 1.3*10^50 atoms and has mothered an incalculable number of species over its ancient lifespan? The answer, of course, could only the blue sphere we call Planet Earth. I learnt about these fascinating facts and more in my summer reading, a highly recommended book called “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson. Whilst beautifully describing how everything we know came into existence, Bryson explains what a unique and special existence we as humans and indeed, life as a whole, has on Planet Earth. Bryson’s deep fascination of the Earth is one I share and have developed over many years, it is what has inspired me to pursue academia and a career in sustainable development after all…

My name is Tom Vaughan, a second year International Business Management (Mexico) student and as that may suggest, despite my respect for all of Mother Earth, my specific geographical area of interest is Latin America due to its rich cultural history, stunning landscapes and above all, its people. A mountaineering trip to Peru in 2013 initially sparked my enthusiasm for the region and fostered what would develop into a future of travel, volunteering and adventure in places as far afield as Central America, India and West Africa.

On my travels I volunteered for NGOs such as Raleigh International in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and the Blossom Trust in India as well as managing a CSR project whilst on and internship with NMS Infrastructure in Ghana. These experiences really opened up my eyes to the shear variety and diversity on our planet in terms of its people, its other lifeforms and its scenery. This is what lead me to be so enthralled by Bryson’s book. Life’s collective existence on this planet is a curious miracle which is ever-changing and fascinating in every way and it pains me to see it being treated so poorly as it has been since the start of the Anthropocene era. This is my core motivator for wanting… or needing to pursue a career in sustainable business. Having seen how beautifully diverse the world is, I want to ensure that it will still be that way for future generations to come. My belief is that we humans have damaged the Earth to point where its nearly irreversible and now is the time to act before it really is too late.

So, I would like to conclude by making a call to arms, a cry for action on behalf of Mother Nature. As far as we know, life on planet Earth is a unique anomaly in the universe, one that is full of wonder and diversity. I consider it the most heinous of crimes that human kind has committed such atrocities to the only planet we have, and indeed the only source of survival we have so, consequently I see the call to action as a collective moral imperative. All around the world the effects of climate change are evident and some people are trying their upmost to combat it however if we truly want to make the necessary difference to save our planet then all 7.5 billion of us human beings must pull together and take an active participation in adopting green practices for the good of our planet, life and future generations of humans to come.

So, without further ado, let’s go! ¡Vamos! There’s plenty to do! ¡Salvemos nuestro mundo!


Tom 😊



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