Intro: Starting the adventure

Hi everybody!

My name is Aleksandra, I am a second-year Business Studies student at Lancaster University and I am proud to be a part of the WBCSD Team in Mexico 2017.

Growing up in a countryside in the south-west of Poland, I’ve always seen nature as a part of my identity, and the idea of losing this treasure is utterly terrifying. I have encountered sustainability throughout my life, starting with my parents, both growing their own businesses I’ve been brought up with a perfect example of how caring about the environment and the society is not only helpful in running a business but also crucial. They both managed to create small communities of people that care both about one another and about the society.

Additionally, during the summer I’ve had an amazing opportunity to be a volunteer in the rural areas of Thailand, and besides from having amazing memories I’ve gained a broader perspective of the educational problems that Thai kids are encountering, which made me even more aware and sensitive to the current problems in different areas.

Gaining more and more knowledge on the environmental and societal issues all around the world I begin to realize the importance of sustainability. I see ignorance as the biggest problem of our times. It’s not air pollution, it’s not deforestation of the Amazon rainforests, nor is it unfair wages in the developing countries. It’s the indifference and billions of people who decide to look away. Not many decide to take an action, say “No!” and actually do something about it. And WBCSD is an organisation bringing together people like that – people who refuse to look away and pretend that the problem is non-existent, or that it will get solved itself. WBCSD is a society of doers.

One of my biggest dreams (or, shall we say, goals) is to create and run a sustainable business and I am sure that this conference will make that more achievable, and getting to know so many inspiring and successful people will help me to find the right direction.

I cannot wait to share my thoughts on sustainability and experiences from the WBCSD in Mexico.

Stay tuned!


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