“Sustainability meets, Montreux” …Drops Mike

Hello, my name is Mike, and I am a 2nd year Marketing & Design student at Lancaster University, engaging in sustainable management of today’s most pressing global issues.
In the next month, being a LUMS delegate at the 2018 WBCSD Montreux Liaison Meeting, I will get to experience the discussions of leaders of some of the world’s most influential organisations covering the latest developments in sustainability action for the future of our planet. This opens the door to two incredible opportunities:

  1. Being able to share with you what I believe will be some of the most impactful advancements in sustainable management thinking being discussed today
  2. Being able to
    squeeze two puns into just one blog title – (I’m not one to miss an opportunity)

Through my work as a Digital Transformation Intern at Hook & Loop Digital in summer of 2017, I was able to meet a variety of clients from a range of different industries, all experiencing vastly different business issues. There was however one common theme that connected the mind-set of all the clients I worked with – sustainability was an intrinsic part of any long-term vision for their future.
fullsizeoutput_b7 A personal goal of mine in a broad sense is to create, and make a positive difference to the world we live in – the more people I can touch in the process, the better. With respect to this, and my career ambitions around business strategy, it is impossible for me to strive for fulfilling my full creative potential without this enriched understanding of sustainability.

Not only do I want to help impact others, I want to use this experience to reflect upon my own consumption practices, and challenge why I do the things I do so habitually. I believe that getting a better understanding of the impact I’m having on the planet I will hand to my future children, will inspire me to perhaps be a leader among my peers to adopt change ‘out of the ordinary’ of today’s lifestyle choices.

Coming from a geographical & design background, I want to combine my foundational knowledge on the global issues of today, with my interest in motivating behaviours through design to see what cutting-edge solutions are currently being explored. In particular, I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of my design-based thoughts that arise through the WBCSD Delegates Meeting in Montreux.

Over the next 4 weeks, expect to see some thought provoking original photography blogs that will aim to complement my literacy illustrations of some of the arising issues I personally find most thought provoking, and my view on how to approach these. I really look forward to seeing which direction this takes me in, and will be keen to keep you updated.

Until then, ciao for now…!


Michael Kinder – March 2018


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