An echo of the past in the future

Hi, everyone! I am Dmytro Petryshche, 2nd year Accounting and Management Studies student at Lancaster University.

I remember, when I was a child, I was going to a gathering of mushrooms in woods with my father. It was an incredible memory. However, we managed to limit that practice as illegal logging, tree illness and regular burnings caused by anthropogenic factor redesigned it into a dangerous area. It filled my heart with the sadness. However, I accepted it as part of my life. No one is perfect. I am the same. My only wish was to discover the world. I was at school, college, first university, gap year filled with first work experience and my current university. By that time I gained a lot of knowledge about the trees, birds, mushrooms, microorganisms, humans and other beings around the world, their behaviours, activities, history, developments and interactions. Now I am carrying that knowledge and memories to share them with others and try to discover the solutions that will increase the efficiency of the companies, reduce the amount of the pollution and create a world where we can live in mutualistic relationships with nature, the Sustainability.

Sustainability is the essential feature of the business that should be applied and treated in the same way as a profit dependence. According to my working experience, mainly people manage their activities from the view close to the description of traditional strategic management, mainly describing nature as given unlimited natural good that will provide all relevant resources and will gladfully take back any output of human activity, even if it will be harmful and devastating. In my opinion, nature is equally fragile as human life and needs to be treated in the same way. Will you let a child eat glass and drink an acid? Will you do the same to nature? I believe that the answer should be the same. Otherwise, you need to be ready that Nature will do the same with you and a child. Will you blame the Nature after that?

It might be evident that I am trying to draw an analogy of nature overexploitation with the racism or fascism. That will not be wrong. Look at a history book. After successful colonisation and stream exponential growth of the economy of superior countries of Europe by overexploitation of the minor nations in Asia, Africa, America and Australia during the 13th-17th century, we managed to sacrifice many lives for the sake of riots and wars for rights and independence in the 18th-20th century. As a result, we live in a world where we are legally and morally equalised independently on the backgrounds. Maybe not everyone and everywhere, but we have right ideals and effective measures to deal with it.

My mission is to equalise both a human and Nature in rights to live and develop. I do it because I want to share the memories I experienced in my childhood and I hope that you will also enjoy them!

See you soon!

Dmytro – March 2018


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