New framework or Calamity? Are we alone in our wishes?

Image: Indiacelebrating

Hi, everyone! Here is my new blog! Please, enjoy it! Today I continue to share my thoughts regarding future changes and how to live in a (possible) new world where Nature is not a donor, but a respected stakeholder.

The first aspect to mention about future changes is “New world – new rules.” We are in a critical situation because we use present rules, laws, and practices. If we want to prevent the further degradation of the environment, we need to rethink our behaviour and habits that we follow in policymaking and business.  I want to support the route of justice and equilibrium. However, I need to deal all the time with trade-offs. If we do not start to think about others and consider a better relationship with nature, it will have a compromise with Nature that will not recognise us as a counterparty.  I might die because you, reader, managed to make contributions n making life around you not viable. If you want to show your pride, then, maybe, you will start to consider yourself as a possible murderer for millions of people?

Do you know what is the difference between ideas “Sustainable development” and “Deep Ecology”? A population of humanity that will live accordingly. First – all of us, optional. Second – less than 100 million people, unavoidable. Maybe, we need to wait for World War 3 or 4? Or another natural calamity? If you wish, you may stay and wait. However, I am willing to live a long life and die on my own. Why not?! I may not have a wish, do I?

At least, I feel that I was not alone in that willing. That feeling has been powerful during WBCSD Delegate meeting in Montreux. The diversity of companies, countries, cultures, and behaviours shows that the environmental problems like, for example, industrial pollution and soil degradation are not concentrated in one place and have a global aspect. Accordingly, we need to collaborate, share the knowledge and synthesise ideas that will be crucial for the creation of new practices and solutions. From Sectors – to Systems! We will inject those practices into economies, cultures, societies, and minds to investigate how it will work out. If there are any drawbacks, repeat Step 1 and do all the procedure again to find a perfect solution.

Solutions differentiate according to tonnes of factors. Practices for big cities might not be useful for the countryside. Hindu diverges from Christian or Muslim as, at very least, he reads Vedas. Head of the tribe situated in a middle of the Tropics thinks and behave a bit differently from students of Lancaster University. It is why there is no one comprehensive approach to deal with all issues simultaneously. The systematisation of those practices and proper reporting of human performance will make a better-off future possible and postpone the calamity!

We are one, and we are many.

See you in my next blog!

Dmytro – May 2018


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