Anastazja’s Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Anastazja Klimczyk and I am in my fourth and final year at Lancaster University studying BSc Marketing Management. As part of my first post for the LUMS at WBCSD blog I would like to briefly explain my professional, academic and personal motivations as to why I want to learn more about the management of sustainability.

I recently finished a twelve-month industrial placement with the marketing department of RCI Financial Services, Renault and Nissan’s financial services specialist. Both Renault and Nissan company are leading pioneers in electric vehicle and mobility solutions. My role included many responsibilities, however one of the most significant involved reporting on and helping to develop the companies’ electric vehicle strategy. As a result, I was able to learn a great deal about the management of sustainability from a transport and mobility perspective. Having learnt about the topic from one industry’s point of view inspired me to broaden my knowledge about sustainability from the perspective of various other industrial sectors and leading me to apply for the Management and Sustainability module.

My interest in sustainability also stems from a more personal area in my life. I have been connected to nature from a very young age when I first became involved in girl scouting. One of the very first lessons we were taught as scouts was to appreciate and protect nature, and to continuously learn about its various complexities. This is a message that has stuck with me till this day, and my passion for spending time outdoors has only increased. Having been an avid skier and hiker for many years, I find it difficult to imagine not being able to continue my hobbies in the environments that I grew up in.

My interests further developed when I came across articles and documentaries explaining the detrimental effects of animal agriculture on the environment, which then led me to adopt a vegan lifestyle eliminating all animal products from my diet, clothing and cosmetics. I am particularly interested in hearing more about the effects of our food consumption habits at the WBCSD Council Meeting, and about the potential actions food industry giants are potentially considering in order to tackle the consequent issues.

As I begin my final year in undergraduate education, I will be starting my search for a graduate job and I am confident that my involvement in this module will improve my employability prospects, as well as hopefully increase my chances of finding work in a progressive company that shares some of my values on sustainability. I am really looking forward to embarking on this learning experience and cannot wait to share my experiences and findings from the Council Meeting in Singapore.




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