It’s Me – Franziska

Hi everyone,

I am Franziska, an International Business Management undergraduate in my 2nd year at Lancaster who is more than excited to be part of the ambassador team to represent LUMS at the WBCSD Council Meeting in Singapore this year!

I developed an interest for both business and sustainability when I was one of the CEOs of a student company which aimed to raise awareness for Fair Trade in order to support local sustainability and better working conditions for farmers.

In addition to that, I also had the opportunity to attend a multinational youth gathering where 60 people from 6 different countries came together to deal with the Sustainable Development Goals as well as European development cooperation. I learned that in order for development cooperation to reach its full potential, it is essential for developed countries to aim for an eye-level relationship with aid receiving countries and help them find their own ways to make progress. However – just as so many other things in life – this is easier said than done. In my opinion, reaching an eye-level relationship mainly comes down to developing the ability to see facts out of another perspective and being open about other ideas and value systems. With regards to this, I do not only strongly believe that intercultural face-to-face interactions empower us to understand cultural differences but also that international collaboration is crucial to solve worldwide problems nowadays.

Being born and raised in Germany with a Vietnamese background, having lived in Spain for a year and currently studying in the United Kingdom also played a big role in making me the person I am today – a girl passionate about learning languages, travelling and experiencing life in different places and multicultural environments. Hence, it shouldn’t be a surprise that I also decide to adopt a multicultural perspective when approaching the topic of sustainability. Therefore, I feel even more enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn more about the sustainability challenges we face nowadays and will in the future at the meeting of the WBCSD  – a CEO-led association of more than 200 international companies.

Feel invited to join us on our journey,



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