Alex’s Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Alex and I am a second year Accounting and Finance Bsc (Hons) student studying at Lancaster University. I am so honoured and proud to represent Lancaster at the prestigious WBCSD meeting in Singapore.

Growing up in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, I was exposed to the fast-paced economy at a very early age. Where land is scarce and the buildings grow upwards instead of outwards, I had little chance to explore nature. It wasn’t until I moved to the English countryside that I realised my love for the outdoors especially the fresh air that I never really got to experience in Hong Kong. Driving through the city was always a nightmare! Not only because of the traffic but also because I was never allowed to open the car windows (my mum’s rules), as she warned me the inside of our car roof would turn black. Living in a densely populated city, air pollution was a huge problem, it was making the population of Hong Kong so ill many lost their lives as a result. It made me question, ‘Why is this happening?’, ‘What can we do to stop this?’ and as a result, I was determined to figure out the answers to these questions.

I applied for this Management and Sustainability module as I wanted to learn more about the possibility of working towards a more sustainable future. I have always been concerned about the health of our planet, but only recently have I acted upon my curiosities and developed a passion for sustainability. When I started university, I wanted to do something where I could fulfil my desire to contribute to society, hence why I joined Enactus, a social enterprise programme. I was lucky enough to start a project from scratch with some peers, creating a project to bring sustainable energy using bicycles to countries such as Fiji which lack reliable energy resources. People in Fiji are often left without power in their homes due to cyclones and therefore would value our bicycles providing a source of reliable energy using appropriate technology. I have grown very passionate about this project and really want to make a change in this world as I believe no matter the scale of a project its impacts can be vast and important.

I believe it takes every one of us to make a real difference in this world. Attending the WBCSD meeting and listening to all the world leaders discuss the importance of sustainability in business will truly be inspiring, and an experience I believe will be invaluable to me throughout my degree and in my later career.

Thanks for reading!


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