I stand for what I stand on – Leonie’s Introduction

“From knowing comes caring, from caring comes change.” (A Plastic Ocean, 2016)

This quote from the film “A Plastic Ocean” already explains pretty well why I chose the module OWT.232 – Management and Sustainability. In my opinion, the first step towards making a change in the world is realizing that there is a problem that needs to be tackled, and in order to tackle this problem you need the right knowledge about it.

Hi everyone, my name is Leonie Friedrich and I am a 2nd year International Business Management student from Germany. During high school I had the opportunity to spend some time abroad in South America and lived there with an Argentinian family. This was the first time I encountered social injustice and poverty. I was shocked about the roads full of waste that nobody seemed to care about or felt responsible for, about the families living in tiny houses without windows and the many homeless people, sitting side by side on the streets, begging for money. Since then I couldn’t stop thinking about the question of who is responsible for social justice, the environment and the future of the world in general.
Well, the answer is pretty easy: Every single one of us!

People often tend to hide behind others, excusing their own actions with pointing on the actions of others. But in order to make a change in the world and to strive for a more sustainable future, all of us need to take matters into our own hands and change our ways of living. Businesses need to take on responsibility for their own actions and set an example worth following.
Because from knowing comes caring, and from caring comes change. (A Plastic Ocean, 2016)

When I started with my studies last year, I wasn’t really sure about what I actually wanted to do with it. As you can basically do anything with a degree in management, I was struggling with finding my niche, finding my place in the work world.
However, when I heard about the OWT.232 module and the unique chance of going to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in Singapore, I felt that I had finally found my path.
This module provides me with the possibility to combine my passion for sustainability with my knowledge in management. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for having the chance of being part of this module and the journey to the WBCSD!



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